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About Lucille

About Lucille

I have developed so many avenues of my life and advanced in multiple areas, and I still feel like the journey has only begun. “Unconventional” is a word that I would use to describe my life and experiences. My parents emigrated to Southern Africa where I was born. I have cherished my African upbringing where wilderness became part of my life. At home, my father was a medical doctor and I saw the triumphs and shortcomings of conventional allopathic medicine, while my mother who was a chemist studied natural remedies as a way to take back the power and responsibility over her own body and health.       


It was only after completing my Masters in Art Education, where I was encouraged to push the boundaries of my own vast exploration of life, that I came to realize the interconnectedness of my seemingly unrelated life journeys and search for meaning. Sculpture, art, permaculture, the land, nature, sound healing, natural remedies, homeopathy, metaphysics, astrology, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, psychology, yoga and breath work. There was a pattern that I was noticing, I was weaving my own intricate web of life and understanding of healing. Because composting and loving the land through permaculture, creates foods rich in nutrients, that in turn nurture the gut micro biome, that studies now show determines our mood and sense of wellbeing. But to take things even further, the field of health and wellness now realizes that food is more than nutrition, it is an exchange of information on the deepest level of the genome.

One of my greatest gifts in life has been the ability to find meaningful connections between unrelated fields of study. The other has been to understand the many levels of healing, and to meet each individual at their resonance. For me, healing is coming to know our most intimates selves. The most profound meeting we can have in our lives is encountering our truest self for the first time, and when you know and accept, a lightness comes in. It has been a privilege to hold a space for others to find their light.  

Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities

TFH Kinesiology Practitioner

“If we can help someone take that next step in discovering themselves and becoming more complete and whole, then we have truly accomplished something.” John Thie, Founder of Touch For Health  

Any energetic imbalance or blockage in the body will manifests as physical pain or discomfort, emotional stress or intolerances to food or environments. Working with a clients aspirations and goal,  and using the body’s muscles as a feedback system to find an energy disruption, TFH will help the body release any energetic block using a variety of correction techniques from Eastern and Western medicine, such as Chinese five elements wheel, acupressure points, meridians and neurolymphatic points.

Biofield Tuning

"Sound is light slowed down" Eileen McKusick

Through her research, Eileen McKusick, the founder and developer of Biofield Tuning, discovered that our life experiences are stored within the magnetic medium of a "bioplasma" surrounding the human body. 

The pure frequencies of the tuning forks release the stuck energy related to trauma and stresses, allowing the body to restore its natural coherence and  integration. This energy healing modality has been proven to alleviate all manner of physical and emotional pain and imbalances, including digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, PTSD,  and  symptoms of grief, anger, depression, anxiety, to name a few. 

Integrated Healing

"Go back to basics. Human intelligence takes the simple and makes it complicated... If it is complicated, it's from the ego. Spirit is simple" Diana Cooper

Integrated healing is an extension of kinesiology, and has been developed to help work through the problems that the conscious mind cannot recognise. It has been a valuable tool in helping to access deep subconscious programmes, and  works on different dimensions of the subtle bodies and chakras as the physical body is often the last place that an issue or dis-ease manifests. 

Art Therapy

Since I can remember, and through out my childhood, art and creativity has always been a way for me to find solace in life. After winning multiple awards in art I worked under the late sculptor Nigel Konstam in Tuscany Italy where I mastered the skills of stone and alabaster. Today I have developed a way to use creativity and art for healing. Beauty has the capacity of improving our sense of wellbeing by up to 80%, and the process of creating and self expression is very liberating.

By understanding your personal element from Chinese Ba Zi I help people create works that support and strengthen their element and energy, bringing depth and fulfillment to the work and process.


I offer both private and group sessions.



Tel: +972529256652


"The wound is the place where the Light enters you" - Rumi 

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"Maybe the point is to unlearn everything you thought you were"

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